Report builder


The most used report builder for creating reports. It allows constructing and customizing the whole report content. A report consists of bands, columns, subtotals, groups, and other parts. Each part is created and configured using a particular builder method and it's passed to the report builder instance.
In the table below, you will find a list of all available builders:

Builder nameUsing a static import for DynamicReports methods
import static net.sf.dynamicreports. DynamicReports.*
Without a static importUsing a particular builderDescription
ColumnBuilders col.* DynamicReports.col.* Columns.* A set of methods of creating report columns
GridBuilders grid.* DynamicReports.grid.* Grids.* A set of methods of customizing columns layout
GroupBuilders grp.* DynamicReports.grp.* Groups.* A set of methods of creating report groups
SubtotalBuilders sbt.* DynamicReports.sbt.* Subtotals.* A set of methods of creating column subtotals
StyleBuilders stl.* DynamicReports.stl.* Styles.* A set of methods of creating and customizing styles
ComponentBuilders cmp.* DynamicReports.cmp.* Components.* A set of methods of creating components
ExpressionBuilders exp.* DynamicReports.exp.* Expressions.* A set of build in expressions
ConditionBuilders cnd.* DynamicReports.cnd.* Conditions.* A set of build in condition expressions
DataTypeBuilders type.* DynamicReports.type.* DataTypes.* A set of build in data types
ChartBuilders cht.* DynamicReports.cht.* Charts.* A set of methods of creating and customizing charts
ExporterBuilders export.* DynamicReports.export.* Exporters.* A set of methods of creating exporters
BarcodeBuilders bcode.* DynamicReports.bcode.* Barcodes.* A set of methods of creating barcodes
CrosstabBuilders ctab.* DynamicReports.ctab.* Crosstabs.* A set of methods of creating and customizing crosstabs

Quick usage:

     col.column("Item", "item", type.stringType()),  
     col.column("Quantity", "quantity", type.integerType()))  
   .title(cmp.text("Report title"))
Another example: SimpleReport_Step01


This report builder allows concatenating several separated reports into one single document. Each report starts on a new page with its own page dimension.
Quick usage:

JasperReportBuilder report1 = ...;
JasperReportBuilder report2 = ...;
   .concatenate(report1, report2)
Another examples: ConcatenatedReport1, ConcatenatedReport2

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