• Columns
    field column, expression column, percentage column, report row number column, page row number column, column row number column, component column, boolean column
  • Column grid - for arranging columns layout
  • Groups
    field group, custom group, column group
  • Subtotals - at title, page header/footer, column header/footer, group header/footer, first group header/footer, last group header/footer, last page footer, summary
    aggregation subtotal, custom subtotal, percentage subtotal
  • Components
    • Containers - can hold components
      horizontal list, horizontal flow list, vertical list, multi page list
    • Text fields
      text field, current date field, page x of y field, page x slashed y field, page number field, total pages field
    • Charts
      area, stacked area, bar, layered bar, bar 3D, stacked bar, grouped stacked bar, stacked bar 3D, waterfall bar, line, pie, pie 3D, time series, difference, scatter, xy area, xy bar, xy line, xy step, spider, multi axis, xy block, bubble, candlestick, highlow, meter, thermometer, gantt
    • Barcodes
      barcode4j - codabar, code128, ean128, dataMatrix, code39, interleaved2Of5, upca, upce, ean13, ean8, uspsIntelligentMail, royalMailCustomer, postnet, pdf417
      barbecue - 2of7, 3of9, bookland, codabar, code128, code128A, code128B, code128C, code39, code39 (Extended), ean128, ean13, globalTradeItemNumber, int2of5, monarch, nw7, pdf417, postNet, randomWeightUpca, scc14ShippingCode, shipmentIdentificationNumber, sscc18, std2of5, ucc128, upca, usd3, usd4, usps
    • Other components
      crosstab, subreports, map, image, line, filler, page break, column break, generic element, ellipse, rectangle
    • Google charts
      geo map
  • Report bands - can hold components
    title, page header/footer, column header/footer, detail, detail header/footer, last page footer, summary, no data, background
  • Row highlighters - conditional highlighter for highlighting detail rows
  • Styles
    style, conditional style
  • Table of contents - a table of contents generator
  • Others
    concatenated reports, adhoc reporting, jrxml template design, sorting, data types, expressions, report template, template styles, parameters, fields, variables, scriptlets, data filters, ...


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